Your Benefits and Services

Get to know your benefits

We offer dual-eligible Medicare Advantage members:

  • Medicare and Part D benefits
  • A Care Coordination team to coordinate your benefits and services, ensuring you get the right care at the right time in the place
  • Coordination of your Medicare and Medicaid covered services

As our member, you receive all the benefits listed here and more. For a complete list, please refer to your Evidence of Coverage (EOC).

You’ll also receive prescription coverage for your Medicare Part B and Part D drugs. Visit our Prescription Drugs page for more information.

You’ll pay $0 for all the following services:

  • Plan premiums
  • Plan deductibles
  • Doctors’ visits
  • Inpatient hospital stays
  • Mental & behavioral health care
  • Emergency & urgent care
  • Emergency transportation
  • Skilled nursing facility care
  • Home health care
  • Hospice care


  • Podiatry services
  • Physical therapy
  • Immunizations & preventive screenings
  • Hearing services & hearing aid allowance

Take advantage of our extra services

  • 24/7 access to your Care Coordination Team  to get your questions answered
  • Part B & Part D prescription drugs with low or no-cost copays – to make sure your drugs are affordable and effective
  • Help to quit smoking – to improve your health and protect your loved ones
  • Addiction & recovery treatment services – to help you be independent
  • Complex case management – to help you manage multiple conditions and prescriptions
  • Telehealth services – to give you the option of medical care from anywhere
  • Health information & resources – to help you learn more about healthy living

How to use your benefits

  • Show your ID card when you receive services or fill prescriptions
  • Choose a Preferred Care Provider (PCP) from our MCC of AZ (HMO SNP) network
  • Use our Online Provider Search Tool to find additional providers, including OB/GYNs, cardiologists, podiatrists, radiologists, urgent care and more
  • Use our MRx Portal to learn if your drug is on our approved list, has generic alternatives, needs prior approval, and more
  • Remember to schedule your annual wellness visits and preventive screenings
  • In case of emergency know where to go; you don’t need to call us for approval and you’re always covered
  • If your information changes let us know, including your name, address, phone number, other insurance, etc.
  • Call Member Services – at 1-800-424-4509 (TTY 711) for all your questions